Pure NZ, Equipping Sustainable Preppers Everywhere

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — It doesn’t matter if you’re making sure you’re ready for another quarantine or building a homestead that can survive the apocalypse, prepping is a common activity these days. The coronavirus, in particular, pushed many people to join the ranks of those who are prepared — and that’s a good thing. Being ready for the worst is smart.

That said, if the goal of your prepping is merely self-preservation, you may need to check your motives. Also caring for the existing good is a theme that lies at the very heart of prepping. After all, it’s concern for governmental structures, environmental stability, and the general status quo that often drives individuals to prep in the first place. While preppers should obviously put safeguards in place in their own lives, they should also consider one other major factor: preserving what already exists.

If the goal is to survive potential catastrophe, helping to diffuse said catastrophe goes hand in hand with well-stocked shelves and a good bug out bag.

This is where Pure NZ comes into the picture. The New Zealand water bottle manufacturer is well-known for its commitment to creating bottled water from 100% rPET plastic (i.e., recycled plastic). This goes a long way in reducing the pollution created by the tens of billions of plastic water bottles purchased each year.

When it comes to prepping, Pure NZ’s bottles are still strong, sturdy, and an ideal option for preserving and storing water. In other words, they don’t compromise on quality in the name of sustainability. If preppers are looking for a hydration solution to get them through the next pandemic or some other potential disaster, Pure NZ offers a simultaneously effective and sustainable option by addressing multiple prepper problems. In the short-term, it provides a source of water. In the long-term, it helps to slow down pollution and the catastrophic dangers that it presents.

The best part is that Pure NZ has recently made inroads in the U.S. and e-commerce marketplaces. This has opened up its products to a much larger audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re preparing for a quarantine in Auckland or a hurricane in Florida, Pure NZ’s products provide a solution that can keep your body hydrated, your mind at peace, and the Earth at least a little bit better off in the long run.

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