Quality System Consultants Continues to Lead Through Turmoil

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Quality System Consultants, a leading medical device quality consulting firm, was named number seven in quality leadership by Quality Magazine for 2021.

Noting the immense difficulty and rapid changes that 2020 brought with it, Quality Magazine argued that achieving high levels of quality was exceptionally difficult this year. Under normal circumstances, maintaining consistent quality standards is a challenge that often requires multiple facets of a company to cooperate to achieve those standards. In 2020, however, a rapid transition to remote work, disrupted medical supply chains, and immediate new demands for worker and patient safety all made the task much more difficult.

BNP Media, the publishers of Quality Magazine, conducted a nationwide survey for quality leadership. They considered factors including contribution of quality to company profitability, the dedication that individual companies had to ensuring their employees received adequate quality training, and quality costs as a percentage of sales.

“Clients continue to see that we’re able to adapt to changing circumstances and that we’re committed to finding new ways to deliver profitability and value,” said Paul Schwartz, the president of Quality System Consultants, about the recognition. Quality System Consultants won the same recognition in 2019. The Company claims that the continued success is due to Quality System Consultants’ focus on brining simplicity and clarity to quality systems. “Many times, consultants muddy the waters, either because they have difficulty explaining what needs to be done or because it creates more work to justify their budgets. Clients don’t want that. They’re looking for partners who will think carefully about issues that impact the bottom line and who will then find permanent solutions to those issues.”

About Quality Magazine:

Quality Magazine is the world’s largest and most comprehensive integrated media resource focusing on quality assurance and process improvement for manufacturing professionals. Published by BNP Media, Quality Magazine boasts a circulation to approximately 30,000 quality professionals and hosts a number of in-person and remote events for the industry.

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About Quality System Consultants:

Quality System Consultants is an accomplished and successful consulting firm helping medical device companies in a broad range of initiatives. They have experience developing and maintaining quality systems and are committed to the relentless improvement of their clients’ regulatory systems. Quality System Consultants helps both startups and established firms improve efficiency and deliver product to market quickly.

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