Rapid Heart Function Analysis by Avalon-H90 Device May Help Identify Myocarditis In Post COVID-19 Patients"

LATHAM, N.Y., Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Mesuron Inc. is a US commercial company specializing in the development and fabrication of SQUID-based magnetometers for various applications. The use of this technology for heart screening is our main interest and the center of our attention.

According to the article published by Ohio State University on  September 11, 2020 in medical journal JAMA, 26 competitive athletes who had COVID-19 had symptoms of myocarditis. Myocarditis affects the heart muscle and can cause heart failure or sudden death.   Dr. Steven Erickson, a sports medicine specialist from Phoenix, Arizona told USA Today that athletes should be symptom-free for two weeks before getting back into the game.

There is a need for fast, noninvasive and reliable heart screening for all patients who were affected by COVID-19 and potentially developed myocarditis.

All existing technologies detecting myocarditis are either non sensitive, invasive or take too much time.

Here is a quote from NIH, NCBI article: “Although widely used as a screening tool, the sensitivity of electrocardiogram (ECG) for myocarditis is only 47%. The most common ECG findings are nonspecific T-wave changes.”

Mesuron Inc. team believes we developed the most sensitive, for any T-wave changes, medical device named Avalon-H90. It is fast, non-invasive, no injection, no radiation, no contact, high sensitivity at rest detection of Ventricular Myocardial repolarization abnormalities, that reflects several myocardial problems, including ischemia.

Mesuron Inc. has developed Ventricular Repolarization Dynamics Analysis (VRDA) that detects the multidimensional dynamics of the electrical activity caused by differences in functions of Electrical Action Potential (“EAP”) of normal heart tissues and abnormal ones with hypoxia; it is also robust enough to detect abnormalities without hypoxia due to changes in muscle chemistry related to insufficient blood supply or other myocardial abnormalities.

Avalon-H90 takes approximately 5 minutes to deliver test results that can separate high and low risk cardiac patients and help the physician make early decisions.

Avalon-H90 is a fully developed prototype that is ready to be reproduced as a product. It is designed for use in hospitals’ emergency departments and Wellness Clinics. We are looking for partnerships to conduct a medical trial for detecting myocardial abnormalities in Acute Chest Pain (ACP) patients. The trial has already been arranged with Mayo Clinic. 

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