Remedy+ Is More Than Just a CBD Company

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Remedy+ is refuting the concept that CBD is a one-dimensional product used for therapeutic purposes. The upstart brand has already made waves via its unique product line that focuses on enabling already-successful individuals to up their game.

CBD has become synonymous with rest, recovery, and relaxation. But the truth is, this cannabinoid can go so much further when combined with other super ingredients. It’s a game-changing mindset that Remedy+ is using to shake up the entire CBD industry.

The disruptive Colorado-based company has created a line of products that, in the words of the brand, are “specifically formulated for active, professional adults who seek to boost performance and enhance recovery from strenuous activities.”

In other words, Remedy+ products aren’t designed merely to take the edge off. They’re tailored to give you an edge, whether that’s at the office, on the golf course, or anywhere else.

Part of Remedy+’s philosophy is to use CBD in its products when it makes sense, rather than making everything revolve around the oil itself. In fact, cannabidiol isn’t even the lead ingredient in many of the brand’s products, which often utilize other performance-enhancing, energy-boosting items like essential oils and MCT oil. This backs up the company’s goal to create quality products — not just a bottle or a bar with “CBD” slapped on the label. As company co-founder Tom Kurz puts it, “Every single ingredient in every single one of our products is in there with a specific purpose and with the right amount.”

Each of the brand’s products comes out of this desire to use the best ingredients in just the right amounts to create a quality solution for busy professionals. This obsession with more than the status quo has helped Remedy+ establish itself as a bona fide performance and recovery option that unlocks all-new levels of potential for successful professionals everywhere. Once again, in the words of the brand itself, Remedy+’s products “help you take things to the next level and reach your full potential.”

About Remedy Plus: Fort Collins, CO producer/marketer of premium hemp supplements, topicals and protein snacks geared towards active adults who seek an edge in performance and recovery. The company launched in 2019 with one simple goal in mind; to help people, who remain active in their athletic pursuits, perform at a higher level and also recover faster through the power of hemp and their specially formulated CBD blends.

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