Resolute Software Pioneers Healthcare Modernization: Transforming a Legacy App for Thousands of Medical Professionals

Resolute Software – a value-driven consulting company, played a pivotal role in the modernization of a major legacy desktop application used by tens of thousands of medical professionals worldwide.

SAVANNAH, Ga., May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A global manufacturer of diagnostic imaging and radiopharmaceutical products needed help updating their legacy desktop application. With over 100 years of healthcare industry experience and around 50 000 employees globally, the client is in the business of digitizing healthcare and improving outcomes for patients, providers, and researchers around the world. They had been using the legacy desktop application, giving access to a large-scale database, for more than 15 years. Together with Resolute Software, they embarked on a multi-phased engagement to modernize this desktop application including discovery, assessment, development, and testing.

The biggest challenge was enabling web-based access to critical information from anywhere while providing a seamless user experience across all devices. As the web-based system would be a direct replacement for the legacy application, an identical user experience was essential.

Resolute Software’s professionals tackled the technical challenges using modern JavaScript APIs, Angular, Kendo UI, and custom component development, providing deep front-end expertise in browser technology. They also ensured a richer, more intuitive UI, giving users rapid access to critical insights on different devices. The new web-based application enhances healthcare providers’ mobility while attending to patients. By modernizing the client’s desktop application and enabling web-based access, Resolute allowed flexibility and empowered productivity. Thanks to this change, the client has also gained a competitive advantage:

“As the web-based application provides a consistent user experience with the legacy desktop one, no training is needed to get up and running. Productivity improves immediately, reducing operational overhead while improving patient care and outcomes. Working with Resolute has been a great experience. The team’s technical knowledge has been instrumental in our effort.”

Resolute’s team is proud to have successfully overcome multiple modernization challenges for a number of other customers. Building on top of this experience, Resolute consultants have produced a new software modernization guide. The guide is a comprehensive resource that merges key insights from the realms of technology, platform, and design. It also carefully incorporates business logic considerations. Clients looking to make strategic, informed decisions about the transformation of their legacy systems can find the guide useful in ensuring that all their objectives are met.

“Digital modernization is crucial for any business that wants to remain competitive, even more so during a recession,” said Veli Pehlivanov, CTO of Resolute Software. “Our team of IT consultants can help clients save time, reduce costs, and improve their systems to meet the demands of today’s market.”

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