Robin Gargano to Launch ‘Finding the Beauty within Tragedy Summit’ for Twenty-One Days

NEW YORK, Feb. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Robin Gargano, best-selling author, resiliency strategist, and owner of L4 Livin’ Life Lovin’ Life is to launch Finding the Beauty within Tragedy Summit on February 21, 2022, where twenty-one speakers unveil their vulnerable stories in front of an online audience. A pre-recorded interview will be released daily for twenty-one days, with various topics about mental health, depression, trauma, suicide, military veteran PTSD, and other stories revolving around pain that turned into purpose.

Once the 21-Day Summit is over, access becomes restricted, but an option to upgrade to VIP status is available. The VIP Upgrade is on a 50% discount this week and goes back to full price when The Summit begins.

Gargano intends to gather different genres in one setting to obtain strategies for personal growth. The speakers who will share their personal stories are namely, Noah Rubinstein, Ivy Jordanne, Brian Hartzman, Christine E. Agaibi, Stephanie Rogers, Tina Konkin, Matt Penn, Ashley Bush, Liana Zavo, Bonnie Carroll, Sherrie Dunlevy, Peggy Sealfon, Linda Meredith, Fran Solomon, Stacie McLaughlin, Kery Knutson, Clint Malarchuck, Julie Derks, Tom Voss, Marshall Burtcher, John Mabry and Benyamin Cirlin.

Why Finding the Beauty within Tragedy Summit is worth attending:

  • A diverse speaker faculty: Among the mentioned guests include a relationship expert trained under Dr. Phil and an army veteran featured in an Emmy-nominated documentary, Almost Sunrise.
  • An opportunity to build communities: This Summit is about opening the door and connecting with others while showing how we all have pain but still choose to live a life.
  • Enjoy VIP treatment: The VIP Upgrade includes lifetime access to all 21 interviews, a copy of Gargano’s book, and a value assessment to aid in personal transformation.

If you’re ready to welcome change and find meaning in your life, this Summit is perfect for you! Let’s learn to be free and find our power voice through our pain!

To join The Summit, CLICK HERE.

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