Safety in Spine Surgery Award Winners Announced

WHEATON, Ill., March 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Safety in Spine Surgery Project (S3P) has announced the Best New Methodologies and Techniques to Enhance Safety in Spine Surgery for 2021. Each of the 10 winners will receive a $1000 prize and present their work on a live webinar during Safety in Spine Surgery month this April.

April 15 Webinar: Checklists and Guidelines which Make Spine Surgery Safer; 7:00 PM EDT

Spine Surgery Checklist: A Step Towards Perfection through Protocols      
Jwalant Patel, MS, FASSI; Arvind Kulkarni, MS

Establishing a Standardized Protocol for Identifying Patients at High Risk for DVT/PE Following Spine Surgery 
Zeeshan Sardar, MD, MSc; Kristen Mitchell, PA; Rick Leung, PA; Derek Mazique, MD

Surgical Site Infection Following Neuromuscular Posterior Spinal Fusion Fell 72% After Adopting the 2013 Best Practice Guidelines
Stephen R. Stephan, MD; Kenneth D. Illingworth, MD; Kavish Gupta, MD; Lindsay M. Andras, MD; David L. Skaggs, MD MMM

Learning from Air Travel: Utilizing a Checklist Prior to Closing (Landing) in Pediatric Spine Surgery      
Jessica H. Heyer, MD; Patrick J. Cahill, MD; John M. Flynn, MD; Jason B. Anari, MD

April 29 Webinar: Leveraging the Team to Make Spine Surgery Safer; 7:00 PM EDT

Reduction of Facial Pressure Injuries after Prone Positioning in Spine Surgery: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach     
Mindy Stites, MSN, APRN; Brandon B. Carlson, MD MPH; Linda Brookman, RN; Jake Kessen, CRNA; David Pennington, CRNA; Jacob Birlingmair, MD; Kabir A. Torres, BA; Douglas C. Burton, MD

Design and Implementation of an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Protocol in Elective Lumbar Spine Fusion by Posterior Approach: A Retrospective, Comparative Study      
Bhuvak Garg, MS, MRCS; Nishank Mehta, MS; Tungish Bansal; Shubhankar Shekhar; Puneet Khanna; Dalim Vaidya

Comparison of Procedural Utilization Rates and Timeline to Care in Multidisciplinary versus Unidisciplinary Spine Clinic Models    
Joshua Benton, BA; Vijay Yanamadala, MD, MBA, MS; Brandon T. Weiss BS; Wenzhu B. Mowrey, PhD; Michael Longo, BA; Rafael De La Garza Ramos, MD; Yaroslav Gelfand, MD; Phillip Cezayirli, MD; Erida Castro-Rivas, MS; Mark Headlam, BS; Adaobi Udemba, NP; Lavinia Williams, RN; Merritt D. Kinon, MD; Andrew I. Gitkind, MD, MHA; Reza Yassari, MD, MS

Multidisciplinary Conference for Complex Surgery Leads to Improved Quality and Safety
Zoe Norris, BFA; Michelle Zabat, BA; Hershil Patel, BS; Nicole Mottole, BS; Kimberly Ashayeri, MD; Eaman Balouch, MD PhD; Constance Maglaras, PhD; Themistocles Protopsaltis, MD; Aaron Buckland, MBBS FRACS; Charla Fischer, MD

Innovative Technology System to Prevent Wrong Site Surgery and Capture Near Misses: A Multi-center Review of 487 Cases     
David Gloystein, MD; John Devine, MD; Bradley Heiges, MD; David Schwartz, MD; Deborah Spratt, MPA BSN RN CNOR

The Effect of a Transdisciplinary Spine Conference on Quality and Safety for Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery
Gregory Mundis Jr., MD; Fernando Rios, MD; Hani Malone, MD; Bahar Shahidi, PhD; Tina Iannacone, BSN; Shae Galli, BS; Robert Eastlack, MD

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