San Antonio Podiatrist Discusses Latest Technology to Eliminate Plantar Warts

SAN ANTONIO, May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Warts are caused by a virus, the Human Papilloma virus. Almost all treatments for plantar warts involve methods to destroy the wart – freezing (cryosurgery), topical medications/acids (chemosurgery), electrocautery (burning) and surgical excision. While such treatments, despite being painful, can work, plantar warts have a high recurrence rate. The reason is that the underlying cause, the virus, is not being addressed.

Millions of people struggle with unsightly, infectious warts on the foot. Treatments can be time consuming, expensive, involve multiple visits to the doctor. Additionally, we often see students who have to miss out on activities and sports while undergoing treatments. If left untreated, warts and specifically plantar warts can cause significant pain and mobility problems. In the case of plantar warts, the roots of the wart can extend deep into the foot causing irritation and pain with pressure.

A new technology, developed in Scotland, finally provides a method to treat the virus that causes plantar warts – Saorsa Swift. The technique achieved FDA approval in 2018 after proven research in Europe. The research showed that in over 13,000 patients treated with Swift, treatment was 85 percent effective in eliminating warts and there was a recurrence rate of less than 1 percent.

Low level microwave energy (compared to existing ablation systems) is delivered with precision into the skin to a predetermined depth via a surface-contact probe, creating an immunologic response and harnessing the body’s immune system to respond to the infection. It is a fast, clean effective treatment that provides a means to achieve a long lasting cure.

Dr. Ed Davis is the first provider in San Antonio to offer the treatment. The treatment takes minutes to perform, no anesthesia is needed, no loss of time from work or activities, involves no or minimal discomfort and no after care is needed.  It can take either 2 or 3 treatments one month apart. Patient often notice shrinkage of the warts within 3 weeks after the first treatment.

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SOURCE Dr. Ed Davis

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