Savillex Finalizes Preferred Partnership With Lifecycle Biotechnologies

The agreement centers on Lifecycle’s HELIX Oscillating Biomixer®, an innovative blending and storage solution for life sciences applications.

CLEBURNE, Texas, July 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Life sciences manufacturer Lifecycle Biotechnologies has officially entered into a preferred partnership with Savillex, a Minnesota-headquartered provider of polymer-based solutions designed for life sciences and laboratory applications.

Lifecycle has been providing innovative life sciences reagents and custom solutions for over 40 years, supporting many of the world’s leading companies in biopharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine, diagnostics, agriculture, environmental, and research industries. The Savillex partnership is focused on the distribution of the HELIX Oscillating Biomixer®, the ideal blending and storage solution for all areas of life sciences. Its unique design and ease-of-use allows users to impart the exact amount of shear to blend or mix components, thus eliminating the need for mixing blades or magnets and minimizing contamination risk.

The two companies share a commitment to empowering scientists, accelerating discoveries, and improving global health outcomes. Lifecycle Biotechnologies CEO Cody Yarborough expanded on this, stating, “We are excited to announce our partnership with Savillex. United by our commitment to excellence, integrity, and customer-centricity, this amplifies customers’ access to discover how the HELIX can enhance their productivity and drive impactful discoveries.”

Savillex has earned a strong reputation in the life sciences market as an expert in providing containers used for collection, transport, and storage of critical materials. For over 45 years, they have relied on this expertise to develop both custom and off-the-shelf solutions for specific custom applications – ranging from regenerative medicine to bulk drug storage.

The Lifecycle partnership is indicative of Savillex’s desire to offer additional solutions to its current customer base. Many who already rely on Savillex for container solutions – such as its Purillex® brand of bottles, jars, and vials will also benefit from the HELIX Oscillating Biomixer and the improvements it delivers to workflow efficiency. Concurrently, the HELIX provides Savillex with another innovative product that will open up opportunities within new customer subsegments.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled about our new partnership with Lifecycle,” said Lisa Nash, Executive VP, Sales & Marketing at Savillex. “The HELIX Oscillating Biomixer is a natural fit with our existing product line that serves a critical need in the life sciences industry for a mixing system and clean containers used in upstream bioprocess applications.”

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Savillex has been providing clean, innovative polymer-based solutions that are trusted for the most challenging life sciences, laboratory, and custom applications since 1976. Across the company, our goal remains the same: to apply our know-how in polymer-based molding to develop the world’s best products, no matter how complex the application.

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