Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical Announces Upcoming Completion of SJP-002C Clinical Trial, Offering Hope for a Safe, Potent, and Globally Affordable Treatment for Upper Respiratory Infections and COVID-19

HUNTINGTON, N.Y., May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical, a leading innovator in the development of therapeutics for age-related diseases, is pleased to announce the upcoming completion of the clinical trial for its groundbreaking therapeutic, SJP-002C, in July 2024. SJP-002C targets Upper Respiratory Infections (URIs), including COVID-19, and is poised to revolutionize the treatment landscape by providing a radically safe, potent, and widely accessible solution to a global market in dire need of effective options.

The global pandemic has highlighted the inadequacies of current treatments for URIs and COVID-19. Existing therapies often come with significant side effects, high costs, and limited accessibility, leaving millions of patients without adequate care. The market is ripe for a disruptor, and SJP-002C is positioned to fill this critical gap.

We are thrilled to be nearing the completion of our clinical trial for SJP-002C,” said Jim Iversen, Co-Founder and CEO of Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical. “We believe the market is missing an oral anti-inflammatory to quell symptoms and avoid hospitalizations; which are reported to be between $51,389 to $78,569, depending on factors such as age and insurance coverage.

SJP-002C hopes to demonstrate significant efficacy in reducing inflammation in patients with COVID-19 during its Phase 2 clinical trial, conducted in collaboration with principal investigators Dr. Ashley St. John and Dr. Alexander Limkakeng from Duke University. A preliminary in vitro study showed a significant reduction in viral load as well as reduction of symptom severity and duration resulting from the innovative combination of two anti-inflammatory agents.

With patents filed in 15 countries and a patented streamlined manufacturing process developed in partnership with KVK Tech, SJP-002C is well-positioned for rapid global deployment upon regulatory approval. By leveraging the 505(b)(2) pathway, Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical anticipates an expedited approval process, bringing this much-needed treatment to patients as quickly as possible. Through KVK-Tech the company has completed the formulation and CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls) work, produced GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) product, and is currently producing FDA submission batches. These factors demonstrate that the therapeutic is not only clinically viable but also manufacturable at scale, which reduces risk and adds substantial value.

The market opportunity for SJP-002C is substantial, with the global respiratory infection market valued at $35 billion in 2023 and the COVID-19 therapeutics market alone worth $16 billion. As a cost-effective and highly efficacious treatment, SJP-002C has the potential to capture a significant share of these markets while providing accessible care to patients in need.

We believe that SJP-002C has the potential to transform the treatment of Upper Respiratory Infections and COVID-19,” Iversen continued. “We are committed to bringing this innovative therapeutic to patients worldwide because we believe runaway inflammation is the root cause, not the consequence, of debilitation with these infections. The global healthcare community needs to focus more precisely on acute and chronic inflammation – especially neuroinflammation – to truly transform health and preserve lives.

Dr. Ashley St. John, pioneering Immunologist with Duke-National University of Singapore agrees. “With many conditions that involve runaway inflammation, what we need therapeutically are more sophisticated methods to take the foot off that inflammatory gas pedal.” Dr. St. John most recently was awarded a prestigious National Research Foundation Award for her ground-breaking work in immunology.

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical is actively seeking retail investors, investment partners and strategic collaborations to support the Phase 3 clinical trials and global licensing for commercialization of SJP-002C. They also are advancing ten other novel assets with three of them at or approaching Phase 2 clinical trial work. Their platform aims to revolutionize the way the world treats inflammation and the way the pharmaceutical industry treats humanity.

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Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing innovative therapeutics for age-related diseases by repurposing small molecules through the 505(b)(2) pathway. With a focus on addressing significant unmet medical needs and with a platform revolutionizing the market with next generation anti-inflammatories, Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical is committed to improving patient lives through safe, effective, and accessible treatments.

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