Sensentia Announces Expanded Capabilities for Medicare and Dual Eligible Members at Upcoming AHIP Conference

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Sensentia, a leading-edge healthtech company focused on artificial intelligence, is exhibiting at the AHIP National Conference on Medicare, Medicaid and Dual Eligibles hosted virtually from September 14th to 17th. Driving their presence at the conference are the release of a benefits comparison feature and new accumulator functionality to enhance the service experience for health plan members.

Sensentia’s artificial intelligence platform returns detailed, comparative responses from complex data – such as health insurance plans – with near-perfect accuracy. The Sensentia solution transforms intricate structured and unstructured data into actionable intelligence for a range of users, and helps members understand their benefits and enjoy greater transparency on coverage.

At the AHIP conference, Sensentia is revealing enhanced capabilities that improve coordination of benefits for the nation’s 11 million individuals dually-eligible for Medicare and Medicaid – often the highest-need populations in either program. Sensentia supports Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs) and their members by helping them resolve operational challenges for navigating disjointed benefit systems. This elevates standards of coordinated care and reduces costs and fragmentation within the care system.

Sensentia is launching an AI-powered benefits comparison solution in partnership with a large national payer that will visually display side-by-side benefits for the plan’s Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). With this benefits comparison solution, plans can resolve member calls more quickly and accurately, improve their readiness and capacity, and better coordinate and integrate Medicare and Medicaid benefits. 

Sensentia’s new functionality also displays user-friendly accumulators, which highlight the running total of members’ healthcare costs, as well as progress towards their deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. This broader digital experience gives seniors and other plan members simple, accurate data so they can make informed healthcare decisions and gain peace of mind around their financial liability. 

Jan Jungclaus, CEO of Sensentia, shared, “Our health plan clients focus on leveraging every member touchpoint, whether in the call center or through self-service tools, to improve engagement, increase satisfaction, and positively impact health outcomes. Our newest capabilities not only deliver a more seamless experience for Dual Eligibles, but also enhance the overall service experience for seniors and other plan members.”   

In tandem with the release of the accumulator feature, Sensentia is also refreshing its online presence with the launch of a new corporate website that includes a value-determination tool for healthcare payers – a ROI calculator (Return on Investment). Prospects considering Sensentia can enter a few simple KPIs into the online tool and calculate their estimated ROI from deploying the solution.

Lynn Poulos, Senior Vice President of Sales at Sensentia, said, “Implementation data trends validate that our clients have achieved significant measurable returns with our AI solution – for example, increasing satisfaction scores by 10% and improving service accuracy by 15%. Our AI solution reduces resolution time and decreases errors, so call center representatives and members can communicate more easily.”

At the virtual Sensentia booth at AHIP’s upcoming National Conference, visitors can learn more about its solutions for Medicare and Dual Eligibles, as well as other new features and functionality in the development pipeline.

Website visitors to are invited to try out the new ROI calculator. To schedule an appointment with a member of the Sensentia team at AHIP, or to book a demo, please set up a meeting.

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Sensentia, Inc., is a California-based healthtech company leveraging AI to distill intelligence from complex structured and unstructured data. For healthcare payers, Sensentia provides members with easy, accurate, and immediate access to information, delivering time and cost savings, improving member satisfaction and optimizing benefit utilization, positively impacting health and wellbeing one interaction at a time. To learn more about Sensentia or schedule a platform demo, visit

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