Sensi.AI + Caring Senior Service: Doubling Down on Care Outcomes

Older Adults Enjoy Extended Home Life – Thanks to Advanced Care Intelligence Technology

AUSTIN, Texas, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sensi.AI, a pioneer in care intelligence, has been adopted by Caring Senior Service, a leading provider of in-home care with 50 locations across the United States. This partnership with Sensi has propelled the company into the future of care, achieving substantial results.

Under the visionary leadership of Jeff Salter, Founder and CEO of Caring Senior Service, the company embraced Sensi’s 24/7 AI platform in 2022, recognizing its potential to transform care delivery. This strategic move is driven by a commitment to enable seniors to age gracefully in their own homes, a preference echoed by 90% of older adults, according to AARP.

Caring Senior Service Doubled Length of Service:

For home care agencies serving seniors, the length of time clients stay with them is a key measure of success. When clients stay longer, it shows they trust and are satisfied with the care they receive. This not only keeps seniors healthy and safe in their own homes, minimizing hospital visits and avoiding costly intensive care, but also boosts the agency’s reputation.

Since implementing Sensi.AI, Caring Senior Service has doubled the length of service for clients, underscoring the role of technology in boosting client satisfaction, ensuring care continuity, and driving the company’s growth.

87.5% of Sensi’s high priority insights, including fall detection, care resistance, low mood, medication errors, and client-caregiver matches, were immediately addressed by Caring Senior Service. This highlights the seamless experience with Sensi, eliminating the need for change management.

Client Spotlight: Care Hours Surge by 500%

A pivotal moment occurred when Sensi.AI detected a senior’s distress call in El Paso, Texas, after the caregiver’s shift had ended. The rapid response by Caring Senior Service staff, facilitated by Sensi’s intelligent alert, prevented a potential hospitalization. This profoundly impressed the client and their family, resulting in an increase of care hours from 24 to 144 weekly. In the absence of the caregiver, Sensi was ever-present, holistically assessing the senior like a trustworthy virtual family member.

“Our partnership with Sensi.AI exemplifies the impactful role AI technology can play in the senior care industry,” said Jeff Salter, CEO and Founder of Caring Senior Service. “The increased client service duration and ongoing improvements to retention and satisfaction is a testament to the combined strength of Sensi.AI’s data-driven approach and Caring Senior Service’s dedication to exceptional in-home care. We’re thrilled to continue collaborating to empower caregivers and enrich the lives of seniors as we continue to roll out across our multiple locations.”

“I love Jeff’s ‘never-quit-attitude’ toward caring and encourage all home care providers to find inspiration to do the right thing by their clients and not be afraid of technology. Caring Senior Service is an early adopter of Sensi and is leading the way for many more to make clients happier and unleash business growth with the power of care intelligence,” said Romi Gubes, Co-Founder and CEO of Sensi.AI. “The status quo of running blind on clients’ needs and compromising on delivering the highest level of care is no longer acceptable in the world of care. It’s time to elevate care standards across the board and Sensi’s technology simplified this amidst rising care costs.”

About Sensi.AI

Sensi.AI is the most trusted 24/7 care intelligence agent on the planet using audio technology with highest level of precision. Sensi’s technology drives significant growth and efficiency for home care businesses, by providing a 360-degree understanding of a senior’s physical, emotional, and cognitive needs. Sensi supports over 80% of the largest home care networks across 41 states in the United States.

About Caring Senior Service

Caring Senior Service is a non-medical home care services company based in San Antonio, Texas. Founded by CEO Jeff Salter in 1991, the company provides assistance to seniors, the disabled population and any adult who may need help with the tasks of everyday living such as bathing, personal care, running errands and preparing food. In 2021, Caring Senior Service created a non-profit organization called “Close the Gap in Senior Care” to raise awareness of the overlooked and underserved aspects of senior care. Salter launched Close the Gap with an electric bike ride to each Caring Senior Service franchise location throughout the country, totaling more than 9,000 miles.

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