Shapa Appoints Dr. Adi Leiba MD for Its First Ever Chief Medical Officer

CUPERTINO, Calif., April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Shapa Health Inc. has appointed Dr. Adi Leiba as its Chief Medical Officer. In this dynamic role, Dr. Leiba will be highly involved in Shapa Health’s mission to evolve virtual care, helping individuals live better years through positive behavior change and improved health management. This is a brand new position at Shapa Health, and Leiba’s immense medical and research experience across various fields will prove to be an asset for Shapa Health moving forward.

Dr. Lieba is an assistant professor at Harvard Medical school as well as a national leader with an international reputation in the field of clinical hypertension and blood pressure measurement. As the Chairman of the Israeli Society of Hypertension, he is involved in raising public awareness around major cardiovascular risk factors. “I am excited to join a company that’s pushing the limits on virtual care navigation and delivery as both a clinician and executive during the digital health revolution” said Leiba.

“Dr. Leiba joins Shapa Health at the perfect intersection of innovation and opportunity within the virtual care revolution, particularly with regard to virtually guiding patients through increasingly complex healthcare systems” says Nati Lavi, co-founder and CEO of SHAPA. “His depth of experience with real world care delivery and passion for optimizing the digital patient experience will add incredible value to product innovation and aligns perfectly with our customers’ approach to engaging and treating patients, improving workflows, and reducing costs.”

Dr. Leiba is a Summa Cum Laude graduate from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology in 1997 and now works in Cambridge, Massachusetts in Internal Medicine, Renal Diseases and Hypertension.

Shapa is a leading Silicon Valley-based company focused on dramatically improving patient engagement levels as well as prevention and management of chronic diseases. Shapa was co-founded by social scientist and Duke University Professor Dan Ariely, leveraging his expertise and research in behavioral science and applying it to healthcare and health management. Shapa’s mission to help people achieve their health goals brings to life Ariely’s cutting-edge insights using human-compatible design, big data, artificial intelligence and mobile technology. Starting with a physical device, whether scale or blood pressure monitor, Shapa helps individuals change their behavior to prevent or better manage chronic diseases. For more information on the Shapa Health platform and programs visit

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Jessica Paquette