Shark Tank Product Helps Fight Global Pandemic

CLEARWATER, Fla., March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The record-breaking Shark Tank Product “First Defense Nasal Screens” Proudly Joins the fight against COVID-19, offering everyone an additional layer or first defense from exposure to the dangerous respiratory droplets that carry the virus and enter the nasal passages.  FDNS has announced that they have opened all distribution worldwide to distributors and will begin offering all customers and distributors discounts to get the help to as many people as possible.

FDNS come in three sizes and help by sealing the entire nasal passage with their patented, hypo allergenic, non-inserted nasal filter. Filtration tests have shown FDNS can help reduce the dangerous respiratory droplets from entering the nasal passages by up to 90%.  FDNS were originally featured on ABC’s Shark Tank where they received the largest offer in the show’s history at the time of $4,000,000 and a 10% royalty.

Joseph Moore, President and CEO of the “First Defense Nasal Screen Corporation” (a United Stated Corporation registered in Florida) announced today that his life changing allergy product “First Defense Nasal Screens” the only patented and non-inserted Nasal Filter on the market, will now be offered at a 15% discount to customers and distributors worldwide to help people reduce their exposure to the respiratory droplets that carry viruses.

First Defense Nasal Screens have been featured on shows such as

Shark Tank, CNBC, CNBC’s Run Down under the title “Could Nasal Screens become the new way to breathe with CEO Joseph Moore.

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and many others.

First Defense Nasal Screens can be worn under the mask as an additional or first defense and can also be worn by themselves while eating and communicating or anytime a mask cannot be worn or doesn’t seal.

With restaurants and other businesses being allowed to reopen and with the temperatures rising, the spring allergy season starting in extremes already and the CDC now recommending more than one layer of protection against the respiratory droplets carrying the virus these  discounts couldn’t come at a better time.

With millions already sold worldwide for allergies and patents already issued in over 50 countries and throughout most all of Asia, the US, Canada and all of Europe and with more pending FDNS hopes to help the world’s population filter their life globally.  

First Defense can be contacted by customers at

Or through their website or at 877-692-4709

From their website

“First Defense Nasal Screens are the newest breakthrough in personal air filtration. Our mission is to help alleviate respiratory suffering by comfortably filtering inhaled air and removing airborne germs, allergens and/or noxious particles. Through our product, we hope to educate people about the harms of pollutants and contaminates while working to rid the world of these inhaled poisons.

First Defense Nasal Screens™ are manufactured and distributed right here in the United States. We pride ourselves in being a company that is both environmentally and economically aware of the world we live in.”

Board of Directors
Joseph K. Moore
President & CEO

Kenneth M. Seabol
Vice President

Advisory Board:
Parker Small, M.D.
University of Florida
Dr. Small has spent the past 40 years with University of Florida working on Influenza and Bio infectious diseases.

Dr. Shih-Wen Huang, M.D.
University of Florida Dr. Huang currently serves the University of Florida as Chief of Pediatric and Adult Allergy Service, Pulmonary Division, Department of Pediatrics UF/Shands Hospital, Gainesville, Florida.

ABMS: American Academy of Ophthalmology, 1989. No Expiration
FLEX Diplomat. 1984

Press contact:
Joseph Moore

SOURCE First Defense Operations LLC