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SAN DIEGO, April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With millions of people suffering from stress, depression, lack of sleep, anxiety, brain fog, and more, Soaak® Technologies provides positive outcomes and solutions online.

Soaak Technologies has just announced the release of their new mobile platform, making their proprietary frequency mixes and Mindful Intention programs easily accessible and available outside the in-clinic setting, for about the same price as a Netflix subscription.

“With the help of modern technologies, we are able to provide a service that used to cost our clients over $800 a month, now for a fraction of that cost,” said Henry Penix, CEO of Soaak. “Our dream of providing affordable and accessible mental health and wellness solutions outside of our four walls has just become a reality.”

Scientific research, in-clinic experience, and years of customer testimonials and feedback are combined to provide positive outcomes to users. Soaak technicians assemble multiple frequencies and other therapeutic sounds in the creation of proprietary frequency mixtures, utilizing specific pitch, cadence, tone, volume, sympathetic resonance, quantum expression, and other elements.

“We observed firsthand the power of frequencies and positive Mindful Intentions throughout our five years in-clinic, which led to the creation of Soaak and our new mobile platform,” said Laura Widney, Chief Information Officer of Soaak. “The Soaak Protocol uses proprietary Soaak Frequency Mixtures and Mindful Intentions to reduce and often eliminate unwanted symptoms of mental health and wellness concerns affecting our users.”

Soaak Frequencies utilize sympathetic resonance to introduce healthy, stable frequencies to unhealthy, unstable frequencies in the body. Over time, the unhealthy frequencies yield and resonate with the healthy Soaak Frequencies at subtle energetic and cellular levels.

To support the efficacy of the frequency mixtures further, Soaak distributes carefully crafted Mindful Intentions (positive affirmations) to users throughout the day. When these Mindful Intentions are repeated out loud or heard by the user through any type of speaker or headset, unhealthy frequencies in the body begin to better align and match the vibration of healthy Soaak Frequencies. During this process, the body’s subtle energy body and cells begin to match what they are being told, giving users more control over their health and wellbeing.

The Soaak Protocol, frequencies plus Mindful Intentions, supports positive outcomes when addressing unhealthy frequencies caused by a variety of behavioral and environmental factors, which can present themselves as stress, depression, lack of sleep, anxiety, brain fog, and more.

Soaak is a natural, non-invasive system that provides positive outcomes and solutions to the mental health and wellness issues facing the world today. Its new mobile platform has made Soaak accessible and affordable to help anyone overcome the debilitating effects of mental health concerns.

Soaak is now available at

About Soaak

Soaak Technologies provides positive outcomes and solutions supporting mental health and wellness. Created from 5 years in-clinical, Soaak now offers those same solutions to users through its new mobile platform. For more information, please visit or find us on social media @dailysoaak.

Madison Fournier

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