Socialsuite Unveils World-First, Accessible Impact Measurement Tool at the WSA Global Congress

MELBOURNE, Australia, March 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Socialsuite, a global leader in impact-management software, has announced the launch of Socialsuite Grow at the Global World Summit Award (WSA) in Vienna. Grow is the first of its kind and will make Impact and Outcomes measurement more widely accessible for not-for-profit organizations worldwide with an out-of-the-box tool.

Grow will help Socialsuite serve the 1.5M non-profit market in the US by addressing the ongoing challenges charities and not-for-profit organizations face in gathering and measuring impact. Using a library of pre-populated content and templates, Grow removes the barriers to entry by providing a cost-effective and time-efficient way to gather feedback, measure impact and report back on it, helping organizations measure and prove the important changes they are making.

Socialsuite CEO, Brad Gurrie, says: “The nonprofit sector has faced the challenge of knowing what and when to measure and has contended with the complexity of managing longitudinal data in a resource-constrained environment. Grow is a straightforward and affordable tool that removes those challenges and makes it easy for not-for-profits to get started with impact measurement.”

Socialsuite Grow provides not-for-profit and charitable organizations with easy step-by-step guides to get started and a library of academically and expertly curated impact assessments covering a wide range of outcomes measurement. In addition, Grow comes with pre-configured dashboards which allow organizations to visualize their impact and demonstrate it to key stakeholders.

“I am very excited to introduce Grow for the global not-for-profit market. Grow will help charitable organizations which are already doing good, to measure that good, while also help build a business case for vital funding,” says Socialsuite Head of Sales, Christian Mosley.

The need to measure social impact and outcomes is now more critical than ever before, with rising global problems such as; climate change, the obesity epidemic, rising mental health issues, lack of housing affordability, COVID-19, and rising social inequality movements.

The launch of Grow is the latest milestone for Socialsuite, which has seen significant growth both in Australia and internationally and follows the recent announcement of two executive appointments in the North America region. Socialsuite has a global customer base of charities, philanthropic foundations, government organizations, and companies, including Scope, Salvation Army, and YMCA in Australia and Smile Train, Desert Aids, and Second Muse in the US.

Grow is available on a free 21-day trial then $99 per month with no minimum term. For more information, visit

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Socialsuite produces technology that helps a diverse range of organizations monitor their impact on people. It is a global leader in impact-management software.
Socialsuite’s simple, easy to use technology rigorously measures the potency of social investment programs to greatly enhance accountability reporting.
Its automated data-collection, analysis and reporting tools provide accurate and timely insights for organizations that need to monitor and understand the impact of their initiatives.
Socialsuite’s one-click access to interactive, tailored and dynamic reports help governments, corporate and philanthropic investors determine the best use of their capital. Its data collection and analysis tools help companies and NGOs understand if their actions are meeting objectives.
For consultants and analysts, the Socialsuite platform provides a worldwide audience for their own impact measurement metrics, opening the door to ‘big data’ analysis and global benchmarking.
Socialsuite is a fast-growing global company based in Melbourne, Australia. It has clients across Asia Pacific, Americas and Europe. They include financial institutions, large companies, government agencies, philanthropic foundations, not-for-profits and NGOs that want to monitor and fully understand how they impact people.

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