Star Body’s Espresso Bronzing Oil is Now on Amazon

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Star Body is now available on with its one-of-a-kind Espresso Bronzing Oil. As customers continue to make purchases from home, web-based sales have been increasing exponentially over the past six months, and it appears that this trend will likely continue. Star Body’s partnership with the largest online retailer in the world is the next logical step in its plan for growth.

Star Body’s skincare line is like nothing else on the market, offering the natural protection of coconut oil and vitamin E, plus real coffee extract and 24 karat gold mica. All of Star Body’s products are plant-based and cruelty-free signaling the brand’s commitment to ethical manufacturing. This commitment is quite apparent as Star Body ensures that its sun care oil is reef-safe and non-toxic to marine life.

Selling through Amazon enables Star Body to have access to a greater portion of the e-commerce market since Amazon sales now make up more than half of all online purchase orders. Star Body and its Espress-O-Yourself product line has seen extensive growth in 2020 with products for sale online and in stores across the country, but even with the benefit of brick-and-mortar sales, Amazon can still help bolster a brand’s reputation.

This is because Amazon is not simply known for easy online ordering. Amazon also provides a resource for customers who might not be familiar with the brand and seek to read existing product reviews. Even customers that report making their purchases through a third-party site say that they peruse through reviews on Amazon before clicking “buy.”

Company founder Babs Marich says people are impressed by the Espresso Bronzing Oil as soon as they see it; the gold mica glitters in every bottle, adding a reflective quality to the natural oil. The addition of caffeine to Star Body’s bronzing oil started as part of Marich’s desire to combine her love for coffee with her dream of starting a natural skincare line. Caffeine and skincare are natural allies as caffeine reinvigorates skin similarly to the way people feel when they drink their morning cup of coffee.

Online retail sales have opened up new avenues for success for Star Body, allowing customers to find its premium skincare from anywhere in the country. The demand for luxury skin and sun care products is only growing. Projected sales for natural skincare products will hit record highs this year, and Star Body is in a prime position to take advantage.

Star Body’s Espresso Bronzing Oil is currently listed for sale through, with new listings to come. Find the brand through its website,, and now through

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