Suraksha Naturals Shows Its Deep Roots

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Business can be a tricky. You can cross all of your “i’s” and dot all of your “t’s,” and even then, you can still be blindsided by the unexpected. The coronavirus is a perfect example of just how sudden and catastrophic the unknown can be for startups and established companies alike. The challenge of the unknown is a litmus test that shows which companies have deep roots and which ones aren’t ready for a storm.

It’s a test that health and wellness brand Suraksha Naturals has passed with flying colors. Not only has the India-based company managed to avoid tanking in the midst of repeated global economic shutdowns, but it has continued to ambitiously push forward plans for international growth.

Early in the crisis, as national borders were sealed off and brick-and-mortar retailers took to the online marketplace, Suraksha Naturals followed suit. By the time the pandemic really took off, the company was already busily courting multiple online retailers, including the almighty Amazon, with the goal of keeping its products available for an ever-growing international customer base.

Not satisfied with this initial step, the team at Suraksha Naturals continued to look for ways to expand across international borders in spite of the ongoing crisis. In fact, the pandemic only served to add fuel to the fire as millions of individuals found themselves stranded on the homefront looking for ways to maintain their health in lockdown.

With this in mind, the company boldly presented its keto-friendly dietary supplements at the pandemic-friendly virtual version of the ECRM (Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing) conference. The prestigious event, which features many of the largest brick-and-mortar retailers in the U.S., is a must for any brand looking to go big in the North American marketplace. With the help of its marketing partner TruLife, Suraksha Naturals managed to wow countless hifalutin retailers at the digital 2020 iteration of the conference. This only added further momentum to its fast-paced global growth.

While many brands have focused on surviving over the course of the last year, Suraksha Naturals has shown its true colors by aiming higher. Much like its products — which focus on proactive, science-backed holistic wellness rather than simply addressing specific ailments when they arise — Suraksha Naturals has shown what a truly healthy company can do, even in the midst of an economic whirlwind. The resourceful health and wellness brand is well-positioned for sustained success in the here and now as well as explosive growth in the future, regardless of the market conditions that it faces.

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