SYNEVIT® Was Born Out of a Demand for Professional Supplementation

The North Macedonian Health Brand Provides Genuine, High-Quality Health Products That Are Backed by Research, Innovation, and Efficacy

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With so many different supplement brands on the market, consumers can find it challenging to select the best option from an excess of choices. Often, the safest way to gauge the quality of a supplement is by peeling back the label and looking at the brand behind each capsule and pill. This is where brands like SYNEVIT® shine out.

“SYNEVIT® was born out of a growing need,” explains company founder and current CEO George Cvetkovski. “When we launched the brand in 1998, not only consumers but doctors and pharmacists were clamoring for a dependable source of vitamins and minerals. SYNEVIT® was our answer.”

Cvetkovski adds that SYNEVIT®‘s growing range of supplements has resonated with both consumers and professionals over the years. In North Macedonia, the supplements are behind-the-counter (BTC) nutraceuticals, meaning a patient must have a prescription to purchase them. “The ongoing and growing success of the brand is a direct testament to how effective our products are,” Cvetkovski explains. “Doctors and pharmacists continue to prescribe our products to their patients for one simple reason: they work.”

SYNEVIT® supplements stand out in several ways. Each product consists of balanced formulas that both on-staff and third-party medical professionals are always tweaking and improving for maximum synergistic and cumulative effect. They contain pure ingredients, most of which are sourced from natural and organic forms, to make the supplements more compatible with digestion, absorption, and metabolism.

SYNEVIT® products are also known for their strong concentration and potency. This isn’t overdone. On the contrary, Cvetkovski and the SYNEVIT® research team do not agree with the excessive tendency many use when taking supplements. “During the pandemic,” the CEO recalls, “people were taking 50 grams of zinc per day when the recommended dietary allowance is 15 grams. This isn’t just excessive. The overdose can strain and even damage other parts of the body that have to process so many nutrients.” Rather than go for the splashy, uninformed appeal of excessive quantities, SYNEVIT® supplements aim for the maximum RDA amount in each dose. This provides optimal nutritional support without posing additional risks to an individual.

As far as usage is concerned, SYNEVIT® products are packaged in pharmaceutical-grade blister packaging. Along with their travel convenience, these slim sheets prevent each tablet from the degrading effects of oxidation over time. This preserves the active ingredients present in each capsule. The brand’s slow-release format also ensures better absorption and bioavailability.

From quality packaging to pure ingredients to ever-improving formulations, SYNEVIT® sets the gold standard for 21st-century supplementation. It is a brand with a solid track record that stretches back nearly three decades. The North Macedonian health label is consistently backed by both consumer and medical professional endorsements as it enables its customers around the world to preserve and protect their long-term health.

Launched in 1998 by CEO George Cvetkovski, SYNEVIT® traces its roots to North Macedonia (ex: Yugoslavia). The brand is currently headquartered out of North Macedonia with offices in Serbia and Rochester, New York. SYNEVIT® is an in-house brand of vitamins and minerals with unique, perpetually improved formulas informed by on-staff doctors and pharmacists and designed for therapeutic effect in patients.

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