TeamUp Delivers 1 Million Hours of Online Classes Since March 2020

PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — After the UK government announced a second tiered lockdown on October 31, one of the industries to be most affected, yet again, was the fitness industry. However, there has been a significant difference for fitness business owners between the previous lockdown and this current lockdown — preparedness. This time around, UK gyms and fitness clubs knew what to do once the news was released.

While the first lockdown was riddled with fear and panic, a stronger sense of calm this time around comes majorly from the confidence fitness businesses now have in online classes. Tim Green, Head of Marketing at TeamUp, a gym management software who currently works with over 2500 fitness businesses, says “fitness businesses are proving to be more resilient than anyone thought – and that’s testament to the strength of their relationship with customers.” Green also says that after releasing their online classes functionality in March 2020, many fitness businesses were slower to hop on the online class train then, have been quicker to do so now having seen positive results and success.

Two interesting stats that give indication about where the market is going for online classes:

  • According to a recent study by TeamUp, 49% of customers said that while they are happy to return to the gym, the same percentage are also comfortable continuing with online classes during and after lockdown.
  • Since launching the integration and booking system for Zoom, TeamUp has delivered over 1 million hours of online classes.

Online classes have proven to be a sustainable and successful way for fitness businesses to reach their clients at home. In fact, many UK businesses never stopped offering online classes even after being given permission to re-open their gyms. This is due partly to the fact that many customers were unsure about whether or not to return to class or continue coming to class online.

Although saddened and disappointed by the news of closure after months of getting up and running in the ‘new normal’, fitness owners remain optimistic about re-opening in December and offering online classes as a current solution to lockdown restrictions.

TeamUp is a gym management software working with 2500+ boutique studios, gyms, boxes, and other fitness businesses worldwide. At the start of the pandemic, TeamUp was the first booking system to add a Zoom integration enabling its customers to move quickly and adopt online classes.

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Tim Green