The CBD Bundle That Is Turning Heads

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CBD brand Zero In On Nutrition has made its name through quality control and customer trust. The burgeoning brand has managed a growing line of CBD products, each of which offers its own unique value to the consumer. The brand has assembled the ultimate trifecta of these product offerings in its Best Seller Bundle, a collection that aims to enhance the customer experience from three different angles: purity, taste, and topical application.

Zero In On Nutrition has been at the heart of the growing CBD industry ever since its inception. The brand has created an impressive line of quality cannabidiol products, many of which offer a unique take on the coveted trending health and wellness commodity.

The poster child of Zero In On Nutrition’s quality product offerings can be found in its popular Best Seller Bundle. The package includes a trio of items, each of which exemplifies the brand’s commitment to the consumer in its own way.

The first item is Zero In On Nutrition’s unflavored CBD Isolate. The tincture is the bread and butter of the company’s product offerings. Pure, unadulterated, third-party tested, and completely THC-free, Zero In On Nutrition promotes its unflavored isolate as the gold standard of quality CBD products.

Alongside the unflavored tincture, the bundle also includes the company’s wildly popular Cotton Candy option. This CBD isolate puts a delectable spin on the unflavored alternative. The lighter, candied taste offers a fun take that is easier on the palate while still delivering on the brand’s promise to provide “a safe and premium product.”

The third member of the triumvirate is the company’s CBD Salve. The topical ointment is infused with the brand’s signature pure CBD Isolate and comes in a punchy winter spice aroma.

Zero In On Nutrition takes the CBD manufacturing process seriously. However, the brand doesn’t believe the customer experience has to be that way, too. From childhood flavors to spicy scents, the growing enterprise is always searching for exciting new ways to deliver one of the purest forms of CBD on the market.

About Zero In On Nutrition: Zero In On Nutrition is a rapidly growing CBD company that is committed to quality and community. The brand’s products are third-party tested, THC-free, and made and manufactured in the good old US of A. You can find out more about Zero In On Nutrition at

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