TruLife Distribution’s Partnership with D2FIT Nutrition Leads to Strong Growth

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Husband and wife team, Andre and Jessica Bass James have built an ever-expanding empire of beloved health and fitness products. Starting with the flagship company, Dance2Fit, where subscribers can watch fitness videos created by Jessica Bass James and become certified as fitness instructors through the program, the company has since ventured into different niche markets of the fitness industry.

The most recent and rapidly growing venture for Andre and Jessica has been D2Fit Nutrition, which creates supplemental health products specially tailored to the needs of their active customer base. For the past two years, D2Fit Nutrition has been expanding, developing their products, and gradually increasing their e-commerce sales, but the brand’s founders say they have experienced a substantial uptick in sales since their partnership commenced with TruLife Distribution.

TruLife has been helping companies reach new heights as it relates to their sales goals, consistently exceeding their clients’ expectations. TruLife founder Brian Gould attributes the brand’s success to the relationships he is able to build between clients and retailers.

“Dance2Fit has been a dream to work with,” says Gould. “They’re a fantastic company with plenty of clout. People genuinely love their products. It’s been very rewarding to be a part of their growth.”

In a recent interview, Andre and Jessica said they’ve seen their sales grow by over 300% since partnering with TruLife earlier this year. “We’ve really been blessed in terms of our e-commerce success,” Andre James says. “We’ve always had a strong customer base, but with the launch of our new supplement line, what really was a gamechanger for us was our introduction to Brian Gould and TruLife Distribution.”

“For TruLife, this type of quick turnaround in sales figures is not uncommon as the company is known for simplifying the e-commerce world so that brands can focus on keeping their customers happy and developing their products,” says Andre. “What TruLife has done is allow us to be able to navigate some of the larger online platforms. We’ve really had to ramp up our production efforts since partnering with Brian and TruLife so we’re very excited about this project as we move forward. I would highly recommend their services to any company seeking to expand both online and in brick and mortar stores.”

D2Fit’s supplement line continues to generate positive customer reviews not only through their own website, but more recently through online retail giants such as Gould and TruLife are proud to be such a significant part of D2Fit’s recent success and has high hopes for the brand over the coming year.

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