Turning the Tide in Compliance Testing: An Ohio Cannabis Cultivator’s Success with the CX-1000 Cannabis Decontamination System

BOHEMIA, N.Y., Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — VJ Scientific, Inc., a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge X-ray decontamination equipment for the cannabis industry, is thrilled to announce that Farkas Farms, a level-2 craft cannabis company in Ohio, has successfully eliminated testing failures for Total Yeast & Mold with the implementation of its CX-1000 Cannabis Decontamination System.

A newly published case study from VJ Scientific details how Farkas Farms, a family-owned craft cannabis company in Ohio, faced challenges from compliance testing failure despite maintaining top-tier cultivation practices. Their products consistently hovered just above Ohio’s strict testing limits for the presence of microbials. The resulting test failures threatened the stability of their operations and caused substantial financial loss. In search of a solution, Farkas Farms discovered VJ Scientific’s CX-1000, a patent-pending X-ray-based Cannabis Decontamination System that seamlessly integrated into their processes. Since adopting the CX-1000, Farkas Farms has achieved a remarkable turnaround with zero testing failures and preserved product quality.

Louis Farkas, CEO of Farkas Farms, said, “We were looking for an option that wasn’t damaging to the plant or its quality and that could ensure our ability to sell it… Let’s say that I looked into other companies and saw the benefits of using (VJ Scientific’s) technology versus (the competition).”

After exploring other technologies on the market, Farkas Farms adopted VJ Scientific’s CX-1000 through its new lease-to-buy program. The CX-1000’s dual X-ray sources, increased processing capacity, and ease of operation offered a fresh approach to cannabis decontamination. Transparent communication from Mark Clemons, General Manager at VJ Scientific, and the system’s seamless integration into Farkas’ operations were decisive factors in the company’s decision.

VJ Scientific and customer Farkas Farms collaborated to conduct testing on dozens of batches using standard scientific testing methods. The CX-1000’s implementation resulted in zero testing failures and preserved THC, terpenes, and other essential attributes.

Louis Farkas stated, “Since we started using the machine, we’ve had zero failures. We’ve seen zero (negative) effects… for THC, terpenes, flavonoids, anything. It’s absolutely amazing.”

The success achieved by Farkas Farms underscores the game-changing nature of VJ Scientific’s CX-1000 and the company’s commitment to transformative solutions. In the case study, Louis Farkas highlighted the exceptional customer service and support provided by VJ Scientific, including on-site assistance and a level of commitment rarely found in the industry and recommends businesses facing similar challenges consider this innovative solution.

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