Unlocking POCUS Education for Urgent and Primary Care: Practical Webinar for Diagnosing Renal, Gallbladder and Aortic Pathology with Wireless Ultrasound

VANCOUVER, BC, May 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ –Critical and primary care clinicians are putting down their stethoscope to look inside the body using ultrasound imaging. The growing popularity of ultrasound is being propelled by the emergence of handheld ultrasound systems that are easier to use and more affordable than ever.   

Clarius Mobile Health leads the way with wireless, high-definition handheld ultrasound systems that are designed for a broad range of medical specialties. To support the widespread use of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS), Clarius now offers online education including free, practical webinars and video tutorials with expert physicians.

“Education is the next critical component to enabling more clinicians to learn to effectively use point-of-care ultrasound to deliver more rapid, accurate diagnoses and support the right treatment plans,” notes Dr. Oron Frenkel, emergency physician, Chairman of the Clarius Medical Advisory Board, and host for a new series of webinars offered by Clarius.

Registration is now open for a webinar on May 18, 2021 for urgent and primary care physicians: “Practical Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Urgent and Primary Care: Diagnosing Renal, Gallbladder and Aortic Pathology.”

A recent paper published in the Ultrasound Journal reports that while POCUS is thoroughly established in emergency medicine in North America, that there is room for greater adoption among primary care physicians who can safely use ultrasound to aid in diagnosis and to provide better patient care. Point-of-care ultrasound “… showed faster time to diagnosis and change in management in some studies” according to the study.

Clarius is bringing together emergency physician Dr. Oron Frenkel, M.D., M.S. and primary care physician Dr. Virginia Robinson, M.D. to share practical ultrasound techniques that save lives. Webinar participants will learn fast, effective POCUS skills to visualize and diagnose common pathology, including how to:

  • Use ultrasound as the ultimate diagnostic tool for renal pathology
  • Quickly identify if patients with abdominal pain have gallbladder disease
  • Save patient lives from an abdominal aorta aneurysm rupture

Clinicians unable to attend this webinar are invited to register to receive the on-demand recording following the live event.

In addition of offering live online educational opportunities with its ultrasound webinar series, the ultrasound company this year launched the Clarius Classroom to offer on-demand video tutorials. The new Clarius Classroom features short scanning technique instructional videos by expert physicians to help novice users learn how to perform common ultrasound exams. The Classroom also features one-minute image interpretation tutorials showcasing real patient pathology imaging to hone diagnostic skills.

“The Clarius team is dedicated to enabling more clinicians to improve patient care through the power of medical imaging,” says Laurent Pelissier, Clarius CEO. “By delivering accurate, easy-to-use and affordable ultrasound imaging tools together with educational opportunities, Clarius is enabling more clinicians to apply POCUS best practices to their practice everyday.”

About Clarius Mobile Health
Clarius is on a mission to make accurate, easy-to-use and affordable ultrasound tools available to all medical professionals in every specialty. With decades of experience in medical imaging, the team knows that great ultrasound imaging improves confidence and patient care. Today, Clarius handheld wireless ultrasound scanners connect to iOS and Android devices, delivering high-resolution ultrasound images traditionally only available with bulkier, high-end systems at a fraction of the cost.

More than one million high-definition scans have been performed using Clarius wireless handheld scanners. Clarius scanners are available in over 90 countries worldwide.

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