Uric Acid Monitoring System and Test Strips by UriTouch Launch on Amazon

HOUSTON, May 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — UriTouch is pleased to announce the Amazon launch of its uric acid monitoring system and test strips. These products help people manage uric acid effectively by making healthy lifestyle changes. UriTouch is a trusted name in uric acid management, and the company follows stringent safety and manufacturing standards for all its products.

More information can be found at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B091V5HDR9

“I hope that the UriTouch blood uric acid monitoring device helps change the lives of those suffering from high uric acid in the blood and to be able to better control it in the future,” said UriTouch spokesperson Spiro Koulouris.

High levels of uric acid occur when the kidneys can’t eliminate it efficiently. Things that may hinder the kidneys’ ability to filter uric acid include rich foods, being overweight, having diabetes, taking certain diuretics and drinking too much alcohol. Regular monitoring is considered to be the foundation of effective uric acid management. 

To ensure accurate and reliable measurements, UriTouch utilized industry-leading technologies to create its uric acid monitoring system. It requires no coding or control solution, eliminating the wastage of test strips and saving users’ money and time. UriTouch meter kit is easy to use and comes with an extra thin lancet for maximum comfort. By applying a small blood sample to the test strips, users can receive precise results in less than 15 seconds.  

Key components of this monitoring system include

  • One blood uric acid meter
  • One lithium battery
  • One lancing device
  • 10 uric acid strips
  • 10 lancets
  • One user manual
  • One test trip instruction sheet

Along with its monitoring system, UriTouch has also launched its UriTouch test strips. Each vial comes with 25 strips that are individually wrapped. Each box has its own code chip calibrated to the box for delivering maximum testing accuracy. Also, these strips are individually sealed to minimize exposure to light and moisture.

To find out more about UriTouch and its range of products, please visit the company’s official website or Amazon storefront.

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