VemoHerb Launches in the U.S. on Vitamin Shoppe’s E-Commerce Site

The Bulgarian Nutraceutical Brand Is Officially Available on One of the Biggest Health and Wellness E-Commerce Platforms

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TruLife Distribution and VemoHerb are excited to announce the launch of VemoHerb’s products on Vitamin Shoppe’s e-commerce store. The brand’s pure, wild-grown Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris and Muscle Kick products are officially available on Vitamin Shoppe’s website.

TruLife Distribution recently became an approved vendor with Vitamin Shoppe, allowing it to list its partner brands on the health and wellness giant’s site.

“Gaining access for placement on Vitamin Shoppe’s online storefront is an exciting development for us,” says Brian Gould, founder and CEO of TruLife Distribution. “Vitamin Shoppe is a thriving section of the North American health and wellness market. By listing on its site, VemoHerb gains more exposure, and Vitamin Shoppe gains multiple top-shelf nutraceuticals to add to its catalog. It’s a win-win scenario.”

Vitamin Shoppe’s mission, as stated on its website, says, “We draw pride and strength from a deep appreciation of our differences and collective passion for helping our customers become their best selves, however they define it. This bonds us and drives us to deliver high-quality nutritional and self-care solutions from the most innovative brands, as well as expert guidance to support any health goal.” This is an approach to health and wellness that closely mirrors the business models of both TruLife and VemoHerb.

“We have represented VemoHerb in the U.S. for years now,” says Gould. We were initially attracted to their ethical focus on quality, honesty, and transparency. Vitamin Shoppe has similar standards, and we feel there couldn’t be a better match.”

The launch on Vitamin Shoppe’s e-commerce store is an important step for VemoHerb’s brand awareness in America. It has the potential to expand the brand’s market share and, with enough online success, could even lead to brick-and-mortar placement in the brand’s more than 700 storefronts.

About VemoHerb
VemoHerb is a health and wellness enterprise with over two decades of experience in the supplement industry. Founded in 1999, the family-owned label was established to develop and market innovative herbal extracts and food enzymes. The brand prides itself on its closed-loop production process, which starts with harvesting wild-grown herbs from the Balkan Mountain region, includes cutting-edge active ingredient extraction via the company’s in-house lab, and ends with elite supplements with transparent and informed labels. Learn more at

About TruLife Distribution
TruLife Distribution is the brainchild of Brian Gould, whose extensive industry knowledge comes from both personal experience and familial expertise stemming from three previous generations of manufacturing and retail distribution professionals. His company has a robust brick-and-mortar distribution network, is run by a team of veteran professionals, and offers a full-service experience that includes sales, marketing, and distribution. Learn more about TruLife Distribution at

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