Vet Candy® Launches Exclusive New Membership Platform for Veterinary Professionals

All-in-one platform helps veterinarians invest in themselves as part of the $130 billion U.S. pet industry

MONTCLAIR, N.J., June 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A good veterinarian never stops learning. From expanding their knowledge base of diseases, drugs, case studies, tools, and more, there is no end to the need for quality continuing education. But, let’s face it – veterinary teams don’t have a lot of free time. Currently, 66% of American households own a pet, with an estimated 23 million new pets since the pandemic. At the same time, the veterinary industry is experiencing an unprecedented shortage of vets, leaving thousands of practices with less free time than ever before. Multiple studies report that veterinarians are experiencing burnout at alarming rates.

Despite the shortage, veterinarians generated 30% of the record-setting $136.8 billion spent on pets in 2022. It’s clear that now is the time to invest in enhancing this industry.

That is why Vet Candy is thrilled to officially announce its new membership platform. Vet Candy membership offers all-in-one access to everything the modern veterinarian wants and needs. This includes exclusive RACE-approved continuing education, a members-only newsletter, a whole year of Vet Candy Magazine, podcasts, tons of just-for-you vet med info, case studies, a visual library of diseases, plus specialist and expert moderated forums. Video continuing education programs are shot in studio in 4K, so with a few clicks, members have access to “Netflix® style” content curated by the leading veterinary experts on the planet.

“Vet Candy is where education meets imagination. On this exclusive platform, vet teams can glean meaningful skills through guidance from outstanding instructors while also remaining engaged among a community of their peers,” says Dr. Courtney Campbell, Executive Creative Director for Vet Candy, board certified veterinary surgeon, and journalist. “Vet Candy offers high quality and engaging content that you can’t find anywhere else, including CE videos, clinical case reviews, podcasts, and well-being enrichment. Teams can stay informed with the latest clinical update, pique their intrigue with a veterinary mystery podcast, or gain critical skills with premium CE videos across a wide variety of disciplines,” adds Dr. Campbell, a prior recipient of the Global Pet Expo Award for “Excellence in Journalism and Outstanding Contributions to the Pet Industry.”

“Busy vet teams need premium CE at their fingertips. We have found that people focus on high quality and creative content way more than webinars and powerpoints. Vet teams deserve to finally enjoy CE,” says Dr. Jill López, veterinarian and CEO of Vet Candy.

On top of that, Vet Candy hopes to address the lack of mentorship in the industry for new veterinarians. “It’s no secret that new vet grads lack clinical confidence. Vet schools just weren’t able to train new vets as effectively during the pandemic,” says Shannon Gregoire, DVM, a recent graduate and veterinarian. In fact, according to the 2022 AVMA Senior Survey, the opportunity for mentorship was the number one reason graduates chose one job over another.

To address the need for quality mentorship in the industry, Vet Candy has partnered with a leading specialty telemedicine platform, Vet On Call Network (VOCN). Lopez says that “VOCN is capturing the U.S. specialty consult market right now with its commitment to quality and Slack-style telemedicine platform.” López adds that “Members who post on the forum will be just a click away from having their question answered by a veterinary specialist.” Vet Candy’s forums will allow members to post questions and answers in reddit-style forums.

“This is an incredible opportunity for VOCN and Vet Candy to help offer mentorship to those vets that need it most,” says Dr. Richard Joseph, CEO of VOCN and board-certified veterinary neurologist. “At the same time, this partnership fits perfectly within VOCN’s mission to elevate the standard of care across the industry and create a virtual hospital extension at every one of our client’s hospitals or clinics.” Joseph adds that for complex cases that need an expert’s guidance, vets can elevate their inquiry to VOCN’s platform for a premium specialty consult. Additionally, Dr. Joseph expressed his appreciation for Vet Candy’s outstanding work in producing high quality continuing education and promoting diverse perspectives, which he believes are crucial for the veterinary profession. “Vet Candy creates educational content like no other, they truly make learning fun,” says Joseph, “we are looking forward to helping veterinary professionals build their clinical confidence with Vet Candy’s exciting new platform.”

Continuing education is booming. In fact, according to the U.S. Continuing Education Market – Industry Outlook & Forecast 2023-2028, it’s expected to reach a whopping $93.25 billion by 2028. Together with their partners, Vet Candy is investing in the future of veterinarians everywhere.

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Stacey Bender 

SOURCE Vet Candy