Waismann Method Celebrates 25 Years of Revolutionizing Opioid Detox Treatment

LOS ANGLES, Dec. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Celebrating its 25th year as an unparalleled leader in opioid detoxification, the Waismann Method proudly upholds its legacy of innovation and excellence in treating opioid dependence. This landmark anniversary not only highlights a quarter-century of medical advancements but also underscores the Waismann Method’s commitment to humane, effective, and personalized treatment.

Founders Clare Waismann and Michael H. Lowenstein M.D., reflect on the center’s pioneering journey: “Our vision was to create a dignified, effective approach to opioid dependence. Today, we honor the transformative impact we’ve had on thousands of lives, affirming our position as industry leaders.”

Renowned for its groundbreaking rapid detox treatment, the Waismann Method has continuously evolved, keeping pace with the complexities of opioid dependency. Known for its exemplary success rates and tailored patient care, the center stands as a beacon of medical and scientific integrity.

In addition to clinical excellence, the Waismann Method is dedicated to educating the community. Through blogs, podcasts, and a robust social media presence, the center tirelessly works to enlighten the public about opioid use disorder as a treatable medical condition. This ongoing effort helps foster hope and healing, changing perceptions and empowering those affected.

As we celebrate this 25th anniversary, it’s not just a milestone, but a reaffirmation of the Waismann Method’s commitment to challenging outdated and prejudiced views of addiction treatment. With a future-oriented approach, the center continues to offer compassionate, innovative, and effective solutions for recovery.

About Waismann Method

Established in 1998 and named for renowned addiction specialist Clare Waismann, with medical direction by Michael H. Lowenstein M.D., the Waismann Method is globally recognized for its opioid detoxification program. As pioneers in sedated detoxification techniques, the center has not only aided thousands in their recovery journey but has also led the way in reshaping addiction treatment worldwide.

Name: Clare Waismann M-RAS/ SUDCC II
Phone: (310) 205-0808

Website: www.opiates.com

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