Waxhead Sun Defense, Cymbiotika, Human Improvement, and Eat Drumroll Are Winners for Most Innovative New Products 2024

Optimal Health News has awarded recognition to four exceptional innovators with product initiatives outpacing larger, more established competitors. Waxhead Sun Defense, Cymbiotika, Human Improvement, and Eat Drumroll are the ones to watch.

NEW YORK, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — These four companies are uncompromising in upholding high standards of health and safety while raising the bar on satisfaction and peak experience. [See full press release.]

Waxhead Sun Defense sunscreens: safe for you and the environment

Co-founders Kari and Shannon Kenner established Waxhead Sun Defense™ to provide responsible skin protection for outdoor enjoyment in the sun. A holistic biochemist helped develop the “safest, most effective sunscreens you’ll find anywhere—safe for humans, safe for marine life, and safe for the planet.” Their Broad Spectrum Tinted Sunscreens contain just four organic and mineral ingredients: 25% zinc oxide, coconut oil, beeswax, and cocoa powder. “The natural tint means you won’t look like a ghost,” Shannon assures.

Cymbiotika: Take ownership of your health

Cymbiotika™ is dedicated to “empower people to take ownership of their health and live with intention, one healthy habit at a time.” Their products are backed by science, with an advisory board of world-class doctors. Their Healthy Glow™ beauty enhancer dietary supplement capsules leverage a multifunctional approach to slow the rate at which we age. It works internally by activating pathways to achieve the effects that are believed to extend longevity. Healthy Glow nourishes, hydrates, smooths, and protects the skin.

Human Improvement: formulated to build lean muscles

Human Improvement™: Its name is its mission: “Using innovative ingredients, we make clean, functional products that are formulated to actually help humans improve.” Their Human Improvement Hi! is the first protein powder formulated for lean muscle—not bulk—with the “cleanest, easiest to digest ingredients,” 22 gm protein and 5 gm fiber per serving. This is a first-of-its-kind blend of protein sources and functional superfoods, with over 2,150 5-star reviews.

Eat Drumroll: donut snacks without guilt

Everyone loves a good donut, with its delicious coating, and crunchy texture. Eat Drumroll® satisfies without the “empty calories” of refined grains and sugar, and without trans fats and saturated fats. Their Eat Drumroll donuts are healthy and delicious, plant-based, grain-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO. One serving of three small “Heavenly chocolate or vanilla glazed” donuts contains 10 gm protein, 4 gm dietary fiber, and just 1 gm sugar. [See full press release.]

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Jason Hilton


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