What Is Hydrokinetic Ultrasonic Fluid Mixing?

How is Boundless Using This Purely Physical Form of Beverage Production to Reinvent How We Hydrate?

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Boundless is a quickly-growing Australian beverage brand that is committed to sustainably pioneering new technologies, particularly in the beverage industry. The company has avoided the need for electrolysis to produce its flagship line of hydrogen waters through an innovative form of nanotechnology called hydrokinetic ultrasonic fluid mixing.

“The process is a lot simpler than it sounds,” explains company founder and CEO David Goo, “Boundless Water is crafted using a form of molecular vibration.” Goo goes on to explain that this means his brand doesn’t need to use electrolysis to mix hydrogen (which is a gas) with H2O (which is a liquid). “Electrolysis involves chemicals,” Goo continues, “Ours is a 100% physical method. All we need is the two ingredients. We shake it up, and you enjoy the benefits.”

This sustainable approach to manufacturing reflects Boundless’s larger commitment to creating genuine drinks that are as good for people as they are for the planet. “We set out with a mission to create the future of beverages,” says Goo, “We’re using groundbreaking technology and science to unlock human potential without harming the planet in the process.”

In addition to its clean production methods, Boundless uses green hydrogen to ensure that it is sourcing its ingredients safely. The brand has found a welcome reception for its forward-thinking products in its homeland, Down Under. It is even the official water partner of the South Sydney Rabbitohs and recently landed a deal with famed boxer Tim Tszyu.

The brand has also begun to expand internationally, including in the United States. Goo and the rest of the team eagerly anticipate making their company’s products widely available in that region moving forward as part of the brand’s commitment to help consumers everywhere unlock their inner potential and “be truly Boundless.”

About Boundless
Boundless Hydrogen Water was created by a research team led by Dr. Jeffery Son as a natural, comprehensive solution for his daughter’s eczema. The product was successful, not just for topical skin but for various general health benefits. The Brand is established as a market leader through the development of the company’s unique, non-chemical, Australian manufacturing method, and its founding team has worked tirelessly to share its hydrogen water with the world ever since. Boundless is backed by both science and continuous research and operates with the mission of using technology to unlock human potential and create the future of beverages. Learn more at boundlesshydrogenwater.com.

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