X-PUR CariØ Raises the Bar for Oral Health

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fluoride is a term that is synonymous with dental care. From a toothpaste ingredient to rinsing with it at the dentist to traces of the stuff in drinking water, fluoride is commonly used throughout the oral hygiene industry. However, Oral Science has begun to poke holes in the idea that fluoride is the best thing going for a clean set of teeth.

The problem isn’t fluoride’s ability to protect. On the contrary, the substance is an excellent way to remineralize your pearly whites. Where fluoride tends to fall flat, though, is with removing cariogenic bacteria — that’s the nasty stuff that causes tooth decay. When allowed to build up, this bacteria can lead to a plethora of oral health concerns.

This was the mindset that Canadian cardiologist Dr. Jacques Véronneau had in mind when he began investigating the option of using xylitol as an alternative oral health cleaner. This eventually led to Oral Science’s release of its X-PUR CariØ toothpaste. Not surprisingly, the key ingredient at work was medicinal-grade xylitol.

The revolutionary toothpaste works hard to prevent dental caries from colonizing and adhering to your teeth (“dental caries” refers to the process by which the bacterial by-product in your mouth diffuses into dentine and enamel and then dissolves the minerals in your teeth). In other words, using xylitol — which bacteria cannot metabolize — doesn’t just work to remineralize teeth. It also actively attacks the cariogenic bacteria that is eating away at that mineral protection.

X-PUR CariØ has been scientifically compared to other fluoride-containing toothpaste brands, and the results have been rather drastic. The groundbreaking dental tool produced 60% fewer non-cavitated lesions and 80% less cavitated lesions. In addition, it led to a 40% boost in remineralized lesions.

Oral Science has long made it a mission to help consumers find niche solutions to their dental needs, and X-PUR CariØ ranks high amongst the answers it has developed. They are particularly focused on consumers who are looking for “fluoride-free” and “natural” options. This has helped guide the brand in its search to find a product that truly outshines other generic, fluoride-based market leaders.

In the words of the brand’s CEO Daniel Menard, “We are very passionate about collaborating with leading dental professionals to support them in integrating the most innovative and evidence-based products that can help optimize their results.” It’s an admirable goal that Oral Science continues to deliver on with aplomb.

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