ZilberHaar Puts a Slant on the Classic Military Hairbrush

CLEARWATER, Fla., March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — After years of research, prototypes, and trials, ZilberHaar released the dual-stiffness men’s hairbrush, a departure from the standard military hairbrush, featuring slanted natural boar hair bristles with stiff and soft sides and premium oiled pearwood.   

The innovative personal care product brushes the hair, stimulating and exfoliating the scalp without the setback of traditional hairbrushes, which are either too stiff or too soft. ZilberHaar brushes promote healthy hair growth and stimulate the scalp without pulling the hair or damaging the epidermis. The ZilberHaar Slanted Brush is available online at Amazon or on the company’s website

The company worked with master brush makers to design a personal care product to achieve both the stiff and the softer side of a traditional military brush at the same time, without needing to double the boar bristles.

“We get many requests for different types of brushes for men, the most common being for softer or stiffer brushes. We tried various options for years, mixing bristle types, trimming bristles to various lengths, and even adding different bristles on both sides of the brush—none of these solutions worked well. After multiple trials, it finally came to us that putting a slant to the bristles provides that exact solution. It was a simple fix, but all great designs are simple, aren’t they?” Said Anica Kath, CEO and co-founder of ZilberHaar.

Milled from a solid block of Austrian pearwood oiled (not lacquered) for an anti-static effect, the innovative hair brush features 100% natural boar bristles fitted at a precise angle to create a stiff side and a soft side.

ZilberHaar produces its brushes in Germany, under rigorous quality control. All brushes come with an extended product warranty. 

About ZilberHaar:
Founded in 2014, ZilberHaar has become a global leader in beard brushes and mens hair brushes. All their brushes are made exclusively in Germany and all their products are natural with the least possible use of synthetics materials even in the packaging. ZilberHaar products are exclusively available online on the ZilberHaar website or at Amazon.

Jonas Benzten


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